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Who our partners are?

To meet individual student needs, we decided to cooperate with various services of academic assistance. Our first partner, an essay writing service, offers a wide range of features for students to develop their writing skills: writing from scratch, editing and proofreading of the first draft, formatting the final paper, sources selection, etc. Research paper writers who work for this homework assistance service offer consultations in all subjects from Social Sciences to Math and Physics. Thus, if our students need any help from independent school consultants or professional writers, they can get it at Christa McAuliffe Academy.

This company was created to provide quality services in the field of higher education. There you can find experts specializing in writing thesis, coursework, essays, lab reports, dissertations on economics, management, marketing, history, mathematics, advertising and PR, public relations, psychology, and a number of narrow disciplines. 

You have a great chance to work with a wide variety of qualified specialists, associate professors, and university teachers who continuously work for students’ needs.

Ordering a high-quality essay quickly and at an affordable price is the desire of modern students who find themselves in a difficult situation and, due to circumstances, cannot complete it on their own.

Buying a paper is the only right decision in case of lack of free time because it takes from 1 to 7 months to write a decent essay for an ordinary university student. Another reason for ordering a task is the exaggerated requirements of teachers for writing this type of assignment.

All those who decided to order the services of the essay writer are satisfied with the result and recommend the company to their friends. 

Listen to the advice of those who have recently received a diploma, and you will surely hear good advice on where to order top-notch assistance.

How to make use of our partner services?

Only a few steps need to be taken to get professional homework help from the essay writing service: 

  1. Signing up for a free account on our partner’s website. The process is fast and easy, students just have to enter their email addresses and create passwords. The verification link will be sent to their emails immediately;
  2. Placing the assignment in the system. To do that, a student needs to click on the ‘Place order’ button on the homepage and fill out the form: mention the assignment subject, topic, academic level, number of pages or words, deadline, and any specific instructions that were given in class. Also, the type of service needed is worth indicating, e.g. writing, editing, etc. Once a student finishes the order form, they should press the ‘Submit’ button to save their order on the website;
  3. Waiting for the college paper writing services tutor to be assigned to your order. At this stage, nothing is needed from the student, staff of the service we collaborate with will do all the job;
  4. Communicating with the tutor or writer on the topic of the assignment. Now, the chat with the personal homework assistant is opened, so that every student can say hi and provide any clarifications regarding their order. It is possible to communicate while the writer is working on the assignment or occasionally. Anyway, when the order is ready, a student will get the notification by email. Thus, there will be no chance to miss the paper or essay once it is uploaded;

Enjoying the finished task! Prepared students – happy students. Public and private schools usually do not offer such assistance as we do at Christa McAuliffe Academy. There is no overworking with assignments now: our students can delegate some part of their homework to the writers and spend some time on extracurricular activities, volunteering, or sports. Isn’t it what every teen is dreaming about?