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The secrets of writing an essay on electoral college pros and cons

Topics of papers related to political or social life are always quite sensitive. And we are talking not only about the complexity of such topics, but also the fact that it is necessary to present in the work not only the well-known facts but also their own judgments on a particular issue. The issue of the existence of the electoral college is among the most discussed topics, the relevance of which has increased greatly due to recent events in the political life of the country. Therefore, essays devoted to the issues of this topic should not only be competently written but also comply with all academic standards of writing. How to do it correctly, we suggest learning from our material.

How to write an essay about the electoral college: a few key points

When starting to work on a topic on the electoral college, it is necessary to update your knowledge so that it corresponds to reality. It is also advisable to read the opinions of several experts in the field – this will help to make your individual judgment about the issue. In addition, writing an essay on the pros and cons of the electoral college requires:

  1. Dig a little deeper into the history of this institution. This way you can trace its development and more accurately assess its importance for modern society. However, you should be careful not to go beyond the topic of the paper. If the topic involves retrospective analysis of the institution, then you can allocate more space in the work to historical facts. If not, a few sentences will suffice, when the electoral college as a political and social institution emerged.
  2. Identify the characteristic features of this political institution. You can briefly describe the purpose of the creation of the collegium and the duties of its participants, assess their role in the electoral process. You can also give some vivid examples of when the electoral college has played a decisive role in the political life of the country. Finally, it would not be superfluous to indicate the role of the collegium in the modern electoral process and evaluate its real influence on its results.
  3. To analyze the present situation of the electoral college. In this part of the work, it is desirable to give fresh examples of the participation of the electoral college in the electoral process and to make an analysis of its activities. You can also cite expert opinions on the role of the electoral college in the life of the country. It is desirable to use the opinions of several experts and to use only authoritative resources.
  4. In the end, you can give the main arguments for and against the existence of the electoral college. It is important that these arguments are independently drafted and reflect the author’s own vision. It is possible not only to give arguments against or in favor of this social and political institution but also to indicate the ways of practical solution of this issue. This will demonstrate how much the author of the paper was able to immerse himself in the subject and study the intricacies of the existence of this institution.

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