Elementary & Middle School

Program Overview

In a nutshell, what does Christa McAuliffe Academy’s elementary and middle school programs offer?

Course Catalog

Students can select from a variety of classes covering core subject areas and interesting electives.

Curriculum & Instruction Options

Online classes, textbooks, community-based instruction, hands-on activities, and many other options comprise CMA’s blended approach.

Blended Approach

Younger students will spend more time engaged in offline learning, gradually increasing the amount of online time as they get older. However, even the oldest students have the option to include offline learning options.

Customized Pacing

Students not only learn at different paces at different times, they also learn at different paces for different subject areas.

Have a student who is at one grade level in math yet another in reading? At Christa McAuliffe Academy, students are encouraged to move forward, yet at a pace and level matched to their current abilities. This means that a student might be catching up in one subject while zooming way ahead in another!