High School

Comprehensive and Personalized

Program Overview
In a nutshell, what does CMA’s high school program offer?

College & Career Planning
Students are provided guidance for their college and career plans, ensuring that their education is designed to prepare them accordingly.

Course Catalog
The course catalog provides an extensive list of classes students can select for their educational program.

Course Planning
Course plans can be tailored to meet individual student learning needs and interests while also aligning to state standards.

Curriculum & Instruction Options
Online classes, textbooks, hands-on activities, and many other options comprise Christa McAuliffe Academy’s blended approach.

Graduation Requirements
Students are granted as much flexibility as possible to include electives that match their personal interests and goals.

Seeking Your Dreams

It’s all about you, at least when it comes to tailoring a high school program specifically for you, your interests, your education and career goals, your dreams…

So where do you want to go? And how do your prefer to get there? With the help of your educational facilitator, you can choose from a variety of classes and the curriculum and instruction options for each.

Dare to dream, and Christa McAuliffe Academy will incorporate those dreams into your program – a program designed for your life, now and after high school.

21st Century Education

Any program claiming to prepare students for the “real world” needs to first realize that this world is in constant change.

Christa McAuliffe Academy engages students in a program that uses cutting-edge technology, and the curriculum and tools used are continuously reviewed to maintain that edge.

Modern technology, critical thinking, and personal development are important hallmarks of a program serving the 21st Century scholar.