Why Christa McAuliffe Academy?

Week in the Life of an Christa McAuliffe Academy Student

Click here for one possible “week in the life” for a student, but please note the following:

Students enroll in an online learning environment for a variety of reasons.  Some have work and family obligations, while other students are involved in activities and/or careers that require a flexible schedule. For this reason, there is no “typical” day for students enrolled at the school.

Through the learning styles assessment, students discover not only how they learn best, but also at what times they learn best, thus making more effective use of their time.

Some students log on early in the morning on the same rhythm of a traditional school, but many more find their productivity is best in the afternoon or evenings.  At Christa McAuliffe Academy, students can learn at the times convenient to their schedules.  Students have the flexibility to choose the time frame that works for them, whether by taking one course at a time or making adequate progress on each course throughout the semester.

Students On The Go

Some students take the “any time, any place” concept to a new level, but Christa McAuliffe Academy still meets their needs.

World Travel

Many students and their families travel on a regular basis, including to places outside of the United States, and they need their school schedule to be flexible in both time and place. Also, travel provides wonderful learning opportunities. Students are encouraged to incorporate their travels into their learning plans.

Performers & Athletes

Professional athletes, including Olympic hopefuls, often need to travel for practice and competion. Performers, including concert musicians, those in theater, and actors and actresses filming on location, also find themselves needing flexibility in time and place.

Top 10 Reasons Why!

Experience Matters!  Our team is dedicated to promoting a personalized, student-centered education that results in student success.  Our team members are individuals who think outside the box and get excited about new possibilities for our students.  We really “get it” that not all students learn the same way, at the same pace, and at the same time!

Student-Centered & Personalized: Students are placed at the center, and their program is tailored to their learning styles, personal interests, and goals.

Technology: Resources include an online library, live tutoring, live office hour sessions, and more – representing the latest in educational design and technology.

Blended Approach: Students are given the flexibility to complete some classes offline in a more traditional format.  Other programs may require all courses be completed online, whereas we believe in the best educational setting for each individual student.  For some that may be 1-2 courses online while for others it may be 5-6 online courses.

Accelerated Learning: We offer true rolling enrollment and self-pacing so students can start anytime and get credit immediately when they complete each course.  In a classroom setting, as well as many other online programs, students are required to complete the same assignments at the same time and wait until the end of the semester to start the next course.  At Christa McAuliffe Academy, students have a personalized set of assignments that fit their goals and ability level.

Certificate Programs: Strategically using electives to gain a specialized certificate can enhance students\’ chances for admission to the best colleges or give them a jump start to a career in their chosen field. A side benefit of this approach is the increased student motivation that results from learning becoming more meaningful to them.

Flexibility: Students can work at a time, place, and pace that works for them.

Support: Students receive support from their educational facilitators, core subject specialists, technology experts, tutors, and more.

Preparation: Through a personalized mastery-based approach, students become better prepared for their life goals. These goals can include college or preparing to enter a specific career. They gain the 21st Century skills necessary to be successful in life.

Parental Involvement: As a school of choice, parents are involved with their child’s education.  Studies consistently show improved student success with greater parental involvement.