Christa McAuliffe Academy Program Overview

Key Features

Anyplace & Anytime
Students are able to complete their classes at home and anywhere they have Internet access. Both online and offline learning options are available, and online classes are asynchronous – meaning students can attend their classes at any time of day (or night!).

A student’s program can be personalized for his or her learning styles, personal interests, college and career goals, current scheduling needs, and more. Students are allowed to complete as many classes per semester as they are able to master, making the program especially well-matched to both accellerated learners and those who need to catch up in credits.

Flexible Pacing
Students have the option of focusing on one class at a time, a feature beneficial for many high school students. In addition to the “focus” course, most students have other ancillary classes assigned concurrently. Examples might be PE, virtual communication, internships, foreign language, art, or music and either a second core course or an elective course of choice. The focus course can typically be completed in a month, while the other accillary courses may be spread over an entire semester.

Students meet a minimum mastery level of 80% for each learning unit, and they are provided with the personalized help they need to achieve this mastery. Students who are able to demonstrate previous mastery of a concept can test out of individual lessons, or an entire course through the credit-by-exam option. The bottom line: Students Learn!

Educational Facilitators & Specialists
Each student has a educational facilitator who offers guidance and oversees the student’s educational program. A educational facilitator is a certified teacher who helps personalize the student’s learning experience and serves as an advocate for student needs. Core Subject Specialists (CSS) are highly qualified teachers in their subject areas. High school students, and K-8 students taking specialized courses such as foreign language, are provided a CSS who guides the student through successful completion of the course.

Diagnostic Assessments
We provide a standards-based, online assessment which delivers a unique test to each student by adapting to their ability level based on their previous answers.  Reading, Language Arts, and Math performance-based assessments are provided at the time of enrollment and throughout the school year to help measure student growth and proper placement.  These assessments can also empower the teacher and parent with timely, diagnostic data that can impact instruction immediately by indicating appropriate interventions in the areas most needed.

Private School

Christa McAuliffe Academy is a K-12 private school, meaning that students do pay tuition.

Classes, books, materials, and other services and resources are provided to students without fee.


“But what about socialization?” This is a common question for those who opt to learn online, at home, or anywhere other than the traditional classroom.

The first response is “socialized to what?” When one stops to consider, one realizes that the socialization found in most traditional schools is often neither positive nor aligned with anything one would find in the “real world” for which students are supposedly being prepared.

Christa McAuliffe Academy students have many opportunities for positive socialization. They can join clubs to meet with others who share their interests and aspirations. They can participate in numerous social events, both structured and informal. They also have more time to participate as citizens in their community.